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Motorcycle Insurance


Century One - Motorcycle Insurance Specialists


Century One offers over ten years experience in finding clients great rates on California motorcycle insurance coverage.


Century One shops multiple California motorcycle insurance companies to find the best combination of price and coverage for you and your motorcycle.

Types of Motorcycles Covered

Most California motorcycle insurance policies cover cruisers, street sport, touring, high performance bikes, and scooters. If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, and have needs that are unique to your motorcycle, ask an AIS representative for details on a policy that is right for you.


Custom Parts and Equipment


Custom motorcycle equipment, parts, and after-market parts are generally not covered by a standard California motorcycle insurance policy. If your motorcycle has been customized, you will require additional coverage. Some carriers allow an insured to purchase additional coverage for these items.

After you complete our online California motorcycle insurance quote process, you will receive an Century One Instant Quote®on the coverage you requested! This quote will include not one, but many California motorcycle insurance carriers' rates. If you wish to speak to a representative about any questions you have, or wish to purchase your policy, click "Please Contact Me" at the end of the quote process.


Please click here to complete a free  insurance quote!


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